The Beastie Boys would be proud

2 03 2009

She’s Crafty“…  Yeah I know they weren’t referring to my mad craft skills, but since completing two sewing projects this weekend (I’m NOT a sew-er!) all I can hear in my head is one of my fav Beastie boys tunes… Crafty… 🙂

I took my sewing machine to BF’s house and tackled a project we had on the to do list for a while (before Christmas at least) -make throw pillows for his sofa.  I had a vision of mixing this wavy brown fabric the some brown corduroy.  Thanks to an easy to follow pattern for 18″ x 18” throw pillows at Design*Sponge and a little bit of math, BF and I made these cute pillow covers (he helped cut the fabric and press the seams).  The back is split making it easy to take the cover off and wash it. yay! I am sure this is pretty basic for those who sew but for me it was a miracle that the sewing machine didn’t eat my fabric!

Pillow fronts

Pillow fronts

Pillow Backs

Pillow Backs

Since I had the sewing machine out- and thanks to SpaceStitch, I decided to make my sad high water Purdue yoga pants into cropped pants.  First I must say, I was so excited when I bought these pants- (they have a bedazled P on them!) that I brought them to tailor to hemmed  (yes I have to hem almost all of my pants- sweats included) before i washed them- whoops! what I ended up with after the first washing was not so cute high waters.  LeAnne blogged about hemming stretchy yoga pants and she made it look so simple, I tried it myself- Success!  Now I have a cute pair of crop yoga pants instead to looking like I am waiting for a flood.

the bedazzled P- how great is that!

the bedazzled P- how great is that!

resulting cropped hem. Yay!

resulting cropped hem. Yay!



One response

4 03 2009

NICE! I like the shiny “P” on your pants.

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