Nomiation for Girlfriend of the Year?

26 02 2009

I’ve been itching to post about my birthday gift for BF since I first got the idea on Etsy.  But, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  BF’s B-day was just after Valentine’s day and life’s been busy ever since.

Bullfrog Creative Laserworks gave me lots of great ideas. In addition to the beer carrier I got, there is a great wine carrier and an eco-friendly re-gift pack. BF and I both enjoy good beer.  We’re always mixing beers to make a 6 pack to bring to friends houses, parties etc. The wood 6 pack carrier was perfect.

The best part? You can design it yourself.  Being creative I took this challenge on- BF’s last name is frequetly mispronounced but it rhymes with Ale, so “kale” ale had a ring to it.  Robert (Bullfrog’s owner) found me a font that looks like the Leinenkugel beer bottle label (Leinie’s is made in WI and reminds us of the great summer vacation we took with his family last August) and I thought a mountain that resembled Mt Rainier was perfect. The front says Established 2009 Seattle WA. Some skull and cross bones and fun beer quotes on the sides topped it off.  I’m pretty proud of myself, and BF was quite pleased too.

2009-feb-16_0008 2009-feb-16_0007