Red things: TOMATOES and baby booties

31 08 2009


thats Ta-maters :)

that's Ta-maters 🙂

OMG- we have a lot of tomatoes!  It doesn’t help that we are running around like crazy people the whole month of August, eating out a lot and not cooking at home as much.  Matt and I are taking a vacation (Mom too!) to New England to see the fam and we couldn’t bear the thought of these beauties rotting on the vine.  H is going to come take care of the kitties and help herself to our garden, but we’ve gotta find homes for the ones we’ve already picked. 🙂  So, tomorrow Matt and I are toting some gift bags of Garden goodness to work to give away. Don’t you wish you lived her (and if you do- call me and I’l save you some!)

I’ll try to blog a bit on our trip- as time allows.  I promise lots of photos- I just checked the forecast- highs in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s-  sweet- my kind of weather!

Hugs- and I can’t wait to see my NE Peeps!

Oh yeah- these Baby booties are for friends who don’t want their little girl to be a Pink pasaster like I was… (another story for another time).  I love the ruby red slippers!  I printed an apple on a little cotton cap and I am working on printing cherries and other fruit on the front of some plain onesies- perfect baby gifts… all handmade!

too cute!

too cute!


17 01 2009

2009-jan-15_0042The theme of my knitting this week? Itty-Bitty Footwear. I completed a pair of baby booties and a pair of baby socks. Technically, I can only cross one item off of my knitting list, as the socks were a spontaneous cast on.

The booties are for my high school friend, R, who I am touching base with in Denver this weekend. She and I haven’t seen each other in prolly more than 14 or 15 years (wow!) but we recently connected via mySpace and Facebook. She and her husband are expecting their first baby (a boy) and just recently moved to Denver. We’re going to touch base tomorrow evening and I can hardly wait. Over a year ago, when I first got on MySpace I connected with R and she was impressed with some of my original crochet designs. I promised her that I would make her one of my “Chris Hats” I didn’t forget, in fact I made the hat- but she was living in Portland at the time and by the time I made a trip down there she had moved. I know, I shoulda just put it in the mail- but I was kinda hoping to see her. Now a couple of years later I am finally giving her that hat! It’s packed away in my luggage alongside these booties.

The darling snowflake socks are for a friend of mine who is also our office assistant. I made her a baby sweater and itty-bitty Maryjanes for her shower already (see flickr photos), but the office finally got their act together this week and threw her a surprise baby shower. I had been holding on to this pattern (a free pattern available on Ravelry) and hoping to knit it for some time so the surprise shower was just the excuse I needed. They came out a bit larger than I expected, but will be perfect for next winter when her baby is 1 year old.