More Time for Knitting

14 12 2008

So, after a week of not driving I have yet to take the bus (but I am figuring out how to read a bus schedule) but the first week carpooling with BF went well. We found out that our employer will pay us each a $100 incentive to carpool… an interesting thought- paying us for something we were going to do anyway.  I also received a citation in the mail for the accident- a little insult to injury. The citation is for following too close- ironically which I wasn’t doing- so I think it is worth my time to fight the ticket.  I walked to the chiropractor on Monday- the walk home will be good for me- almost completely up hill.

I noticed this week that I actually have more time for knitting. Yay!  With the exception of a baby shower gift and BF’s stocking, my knitting has been painfully slow in the last few months.  I’m looking forward to finishing lots and lots of WIP (works in progress) which have been eluding me.  I also cast on a new project tonight. A couple of weeks ago BF was reading my copy of “Never Knit your Man a Sweater Until you Have the Ring” and he was a little put off that in the 9 months that we’ve been dating, I hadn’t really knit him anything (in my defense, I knit him a washcloth like 5 months ago but hadn’t given it to him because i was going to cast on a second one).  So I quickly cast on a Christmas stocking for him.  It called for Lambs Pride yarn, and I used Cascade 220- which is thinner- so I double stranded it- knowing quite well that it would produce a much larger stocking. True to my prediction it did.

The stocking actually used yarn equivalent to a small sweater vest (so I call it his sweater stocking). After felting, it shrunk considerably.  Today I put the finishing touches on it- his name in needle felted script.   Recently the temperatures her dipped under freezing. We also got a small dusting of snow- all of this a bit out of the ordinary for the Pacific NW, this caused BF to request a knit scarf. We picked out the yarn today (charcoal grey alpaca) and I cast on.

In addition to the scarf, I’m also working on finishing the following:

  • 2nd sock in a pair for Mom
  • Stuffed Teddy Bear for friend’s baby
  • Felted baby chicks for ???
  • Pink scarf I started 2 years ago (ouch)
  • A slew of miniature stockings ornaments
  • A couple of baby gifts for baby boys (for the record, girls are more fun to knit for!)

So, as I work on relying less on my Mom and BF for transportation and work to master the mass transit system here, hopefully my completion rate on knitting projects will continue to go up. 🙂