A spring roll in the grass

6 04 2009

2009-apr-06_00992009-apr-06_0095I love the flexibility that my job gives me.  I am able to work from home a couple times a week. It confuses the cats some, who don’t understand why I ignore them and stare at the computer so intently, or why I lock them in my bedroom when they are particularly chatty and I am on a phone call.  The “glamor” of telecommuting wears off pretty quickly, sure it’s convenient, but most of the time I work long hours with few breaks from e-mail, meetings, and the aforementioned computer staring.  Today, though was a shining example of why it’s cool to be able to telecommute.

We in the pacific NW have had a rough winter- it’s snowed more than usual, rained a lot, and been a heck of a lot colder than normal.  We haven’t had much sunshine at all and Mother Nature decided to give us some encouragement to make it until summer.  In the 60’s, sunshine and clear sky today was a day that you hated to be cooped up inside.  Cassanova, who is obsessed about going outside on his lead in any weather was happy to spend many hours outside today- and I was happy to step away from my desk to spend lunch outside on the lawn with the Cass man.  He loves the outdoors- his only dilema is that he wants to be around us and usually we are inside- so he plays this inside, outside, inside game.  Lunch today was his version of Nirvana.  Can’t you see the smile on his face?