If Tinker Bell KnitIf Tinker Bell knit…

I know she’d knit like me…furiously and with passion.  She’d pout when having to rip back, and occasionally throw her needles down in fury.  She wouldn’t settle for a boxy sweater, but would tailor one to show off her curves.  Funky accessories and tongue in cheek knits would catch her eye.  Patterns would just be a starting point, or suggestion if you will, and I am sure she would make it up as she went along.

So if Tinker Bell knit, I know she’d knit like me.

I live and work in the Seattle Metro area (read: “suburbanite”).   After years of relocating every 24 months I am  happy to call Seattle home.  You won’t hear a trace of my new England accent these days, but I did pick up a southern twang in in Atlanta and couple annoying distinctly Wisconsin mannerisms.  I share my home with my Mom and two mischievous cats – Cassanova and Cheese (yes I got Cheese in Wisconisn).  I expected to blog on a wide range of topics not only knitting… mainly ’cause my knitting has slowed down tremendously…

You can find me online at Ravelry and flickr.

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