Please Captain, avoid those Canadian Geese

17 01 2009

img00018_edited-1It’s 6:45 AM, and I am in the air somewhere between Seattle and Denver. Don’t worry I’m not posting to the internet while on an airplane, I’m merely taking advantage of the “free time” to write down the things that have been kicking around in my head lately.

I was working from home yesterday when the US Air AIRBUS (sorry- had to point out that it was airbus- not Boeing) jet landed in the Hudson River. I turned on the TV and listened to a little of the coverage. The cause- a flock of Canadian Geese. Mind you these are Geese that shouldn’t even be in NY at this time of year. Don’t they know that there is a winter vacation spot waiting for them in Florida? This just supports my 101 reasons that Canadian Geese shouldn’t be protected species. Numbers 1-99: They are mean, vile, and dirty pests. Reason 100: they can take out a jet’s engine Reason 101: they are smart- smart enough to figure out they are protected here and to get comfortable and stop migrating- why waste the energy?

My flight left at 5:45 so that means I got to the airport at 4AM. The cup of coffee I fed myself on the way to the airport has succeeded in making me quite awake, but not cranky. Which is good, because United was testing my patience this AM. I’m a frequent traveler and I’ve been building a list of pet peeves about airline travel… today I got to add a new item to the list.

Last night I checked in online, including paying for 1 checked item of luggage and printing my boarding passes. This AM I arrived at the airport at 4:00 (that is when check-in desks open) and in theory all I needed to do was get my luggage tag printed and go to the gate. The one and only kiosk devoted to people in my situation was not printing baggage tags- funny since that’s all we needed it to do. My first favorite thing was the employee who watched the 5 people in front of me check in at that kiosk and proceed to wait. He didn’t see tags printing so he just sat there. He didn’t troubleshoot or help us in any way. My second favorite was that if I tried to use a regular kiosk it was going to charge me a $15 charge ( I already paid this online). And third, it too until almost 4:40 to my bag tagged and head off to the gate. Seriously! So airline conveniences that aren’t convenient is my newest pet peeve. This can be added to existing items:

  • People who wait to get organized (i.e. take off coats, shoes, take out laptop/bag of liquids) for security check until they are at the front of the line.
  • People who bring 2 huge carry-ons and put both of them (plus their coat) in the overhead bins
  • Loud phone talkers prior to takeoff and after landing
  • Folks who don’t use the open kiosk, instead waiting for a “person” to direct them where to go.

Thankfully, my infusion of caffeine this am actually made me pretty mellow- yet wide awake. I stopped drinking coffee a month or two ago and started drinking tea. But this AM I knew I needed something more than a hot herbal brew. My mellow mood might also be attributed to the fact that I am way excited to see Pete, Sarah, the Kids, and my BF! BF is meeting me at the airport in Denver because he had a last minute business trip this week. We’ll fly back to Seattle on Monday.