Bull/Sheep Riding and Tough Cat

29 03 2009

Random Post alert!

H and I went to the World’s Toughest Rodeo in Everett a couple of weeks ago. It was an aboslute blast!  I took some low quality video with my digital camera and thought I would share. The first part is Muton Bustin’ where kids (weighing under 50 lbs) ride sheep for as far as they can.  Too funny! The bull riding clips start off with a quick shot of a bull trying to climb out of the stall- that bull was wild!  the winners of bull riding were the guy in green and the guy in purple.  Enjoy!

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Tough Cat!

A neighborhood cat has decided our yard is it’s domain.  He has been marking his territory and it’s driving Cass crazy. Cass has had two run ins with him now- the first time he chased him up the fence.  I took these pictures when I brought him inside, he was a puffed out and hissing like a bad man.  Check out the size fo that tail!  The other night he and the cat were nose to nose at the sliding doors.  I let Cass out on his leash and he chased him into the bush and then there was a mini cat rumble before I pulled him inside by his leash.  The funny thing- Cass doesn’t have any claws! I’m not sure what he thinks he is going to do to the other cat.

Tough Cat

Tough Cat