i won’t pay retail for glasses again!

6 03 2009

I’ve worn glasses really since my later teens.  I could wear contacts but they give me head aches when I am doing up close detail work or computer work so I usually limit my contact wearing to sporting events and special occasions.  I’ve always gotten compliments on my glasses, there was one pair that consistently got the “those are sexy glasses” comment.  Glasses can cost a pretty penny- even with eye insurance.  I think I paid at least $200 out of pocket for my last pair (after insurance).

In late 2008 I discovered that I really don’t need to pay retail for prescription eye glasses again!   I’ve compiled photos of my recent online eye glasses purchases and will detail what I paid for each- because seriously the mark-up on eyeglasses is highway robbery!  I should say now- I learned everything that I know about buying glasses online from www.glassyeyes.blogspot.com.  If you are serious about learning more check them out- especially the How it works page.

I started with a very inexpensive pair of glasses and a very inexpensive pair of sunglasses

NOV 20 2008
Website: Goggles4u Eyeglasses
$25.99 Eyeglasses with UV and Anti-reflective coatings
$25.99 Sunglasses  with UV and Anti-reflective coatings Tint Rose – 90%
$51.98 Subtotal
-$2.60 glassyeyes discount
Free  Shipping and Packaging
$49.38 USD  Grand Total





Next, I invested a little more in a pair that I knew I could submit insurance re-imbursement for.

Nov 25th
Website: 39dollar optical
**Flex Spending Account approved!**
$49.00 Oniferi Plastic Eyeglasses  with Lenses
$24.95   Anti-Relective Coating
$73.95   Subtotal
$5.95      Shipping



And finally, this winter I was looking for another pair of metal frames and I found his great chrome pair, back at Goggles4U

JAN 29 2009
Website: Goggles4u Eyeglasses
$29.99 Eyeglasses with UV and Anti-reflective coatings
$29.99  Subtotal
-1.50    glassyeyes discount
Free  Shipping and Packaging
$28.49  Grand Total



Grand Total spent on Glasses (without insurance reimbursement)….. $157.77! Divide that by 4 pairs of glasses= $39.44 per pair… WOW!

Some things to note:

  • Read Glassy Eyes thoroughly- read the review of the different online retailers and know going in what your expectation are.
  • Go to local retailers to figure out what type of glasses you want, jot down the measurements of what fits you, then shop online- its much easier- plus you then have an idea what you would be paying for similar frames in a store.
  • Please don’t blame me if this becomes an obsession 🙂  we can start a self help group!

I just wanted to share my new passion for eye glasses! Enjoy!