Did you follow the recipe?

17 01 2009

2009-jan-01_0032Project: Organize BF’s loose recipes in a ‘manly’ recipe box.

Started and completed: During Holiday break, post Christmas

Cooking together has been a central part of our relationship and I dare say that BF has accumulated a good collection of recipes from various sources. What’s our favorite place to pick up recipes? Central Market the higher end grocery store in our neighborhood. Central Market recipes are printed on three hole punched half sheets which fit nicely into these mini three ring binders. So what’s the problem? Most of the rest of the recipes that BF has been accumulating are clipped from magazines, printed from the internet, or created by us and jotted down on any random scrap of paper. Me, I have a well stuffed recipe box, but he has nothing of the sort. So, while he was visiting his folks after Christmas I swiped the pile of loose recipes and got to crafting.

I started with a plain unfinished wood box, paint, decorative paper mixing bowls and cool metal discs stamped with letters. The end result- a personalized box that matches his kitchen. A funny personal touch- the inside (which I lined with decorative paper) poses the question “Did you follow the recipe?” inside the lid. What a silly question, recipes are merely a starting point. J Another funny tid-bit, it is imposible to find the preprinted dividers for recipe boxes by themselves. You can buy recipe cards or whole box sets (box, tabs, and cards) but not just the tabs.

Cost: $$ it cost about 3 times what the premade box sets cost- but I think it was worth it- especially because it was a lot of fun to do.