Slanket over Snuggie

2 03 2009

If there every was a question which is better, Slanket or Snuggie-Slanket wins hands down.  I am always cold… in the dead of summer, I’ll cuddle up with a blanket on the sofa.  I also like to knit, read, play zelda (a topic for another post in and of itself) etc.  Most people have seen the infomercials for the Snuggie, but the Slanket is sooo much better. Both products are basically a blanket with sleeves built in so you can cover up and still use your arms.

For Valentine’s day  BF got me a Pink Slanket-.  Its a sweet gift, considering I’m always bumming sweatshirts and wool socks off him when I am over his house. We were in a store the other day and saw the Snuggie- OMG- it’s a piece of crap-  Think about the thinnest airplane blanket you’ve seen- then add sleeves.  Ughh.  The Slanket on the other hand is super thick soft fleece. It’s pretty big too- both BF and I can cuddle up with it.

So in case the question Slanket or Snuggie was keeping you up at night- hands down- Slanket.