Red things: TOMATOES and baby booties

31 08 2009


thats Ta-maters :)

that's Ta-maters 🙂

OMG- we have a lot of tomatoes!  It doesn’t help that we are running around like crazy people the whole month of August, eating out a lot and not cooking at home as much.  Matt and I are taking a vacation (Mom too!) to New England to see the fam and we couldn’t bear the thought of these beauties rotting on the vine.  H is going to come take care of the kitties and help herself to our garden, but we’ve gotta find homes for the ones we’ve already picked. 🙂  So, tomorrow Matt and I are toting some gift bags of Garden goodness to work to give away. Don’t you wish you lived her (and if you do- call me and I’l save you some!)

I’ll try to blog a bit on our trip- as time allows.  I promise lots of photos- I just checked the forecast- highs in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s-  sweet- my kind of weather!

Hugs- and I can’t wait to see my NE Peeps!

Oh yeah- these Baby booties are for friends who don’t want their little girl to be a Pink pasaster like I was… (another story for another time).  I love the ruby red slippers!  I printed an apple on a little cotton cap and I am working on printing cherries and other fruit on the front of some plain onesies- perfect baby gifts… all handmade!

too cute!

too cute!

Paper Flower Trial

3 08 2009

2009 Aug 03_0174

I tried making a fabric flower before, and this time I tried a crepe paper flower (the heavy duty crepe paper, not the streamer stuff). I like the way they turned out. The lily looking flower is fabric, my second try.  I’m getting much better at it and am pretty happy with the results.

2009 Aug 03_0173

2009 Aug 03_0172

2009 Aug 03_0171

Fabric Flower Trial

16 07 2009

I saw this in a magazine and have been iching to try it.  Fabric flowers…  I think my first try came out pretty good!

2009 Jul 16_0128

2009 Jul 16_0127

2009 Jul 16_0124

2009 Jul 16_0123

Lavender Bottles (AKA Lavender wands)

13 07 2009

2009 Jul 09_0103 Last year I planted four lavender bushes in the garden, this year I added two more.  I love the smell of lavender! This year we’ve had a lot of lavender to harvest.  What does one do with the lavender?  Typically, I dry it and collect the lavender buds.

Dried lavender has multiple uses:

-use in a sachet to freshen up lingerie drawer or as natural moth repellent for wools

-use in cooking- lavender is edible and quite yummy

-use in aromatherapy it is supposed to help you relax and to fall  asleep

2009 Jun 30_0099My lavender grew particularly tall this year, which gave me the idea to try a new craft- Lavender bottles made with ribbon.  Lavender bottles or lavender wands are made with fresh lavender cut before the flowers open with a long stem and ribbon (1/8″ to 1/4″ width).  Directions for how to make these wands can be found on one of my new favorite blogs: Make it Do.

2009 Jun 30_0100

I got the itch to give these a try the night before leaving for BF’s sisters wedding.  I made 4 bottles and at he last minute decided to bring them with me to share. The instructions didn’t say anything about drying the lavender bottles.  But I would definately suggest hangng them up to dry before giving them to anyone.  Not knowing this, and  since the scent of lavender was pretty strong I put them in a zip-lock bag for the flight. When I took them out some 8 hours later there was a distinctive musty vegitation smell- whoops! that’s what I get for putting fresh (aka moist!) lavender in a plastic bag.  BF swears that he couldn’t smell anything wrong with them, but to me the smell was so bad I had to put them in the trunk on our drive from Indy to Fort Wayne because it was making me nausianted.  The whole trip we tried to dry the bottles out (and get rid of that musty smell) placing them in front of a box fan in the basement.  The last day we were there they started so smell normal. Leasson learned, dry the lavender bottles before trying to transport them in plastic bags!

I learned another interesting thing about lavender- I think cats love it! We stayed at the house my BF’s brother and his fiance bought (She’s living there alone until the wedding, and yes, we did get the idea from them!) and their cats couldn’t stay away from the Lavender bottles!  They would steal them off of the counters- out of my luggage, anywhere they could get their paws on them. Funny! I wonder if it’s all cats or just their cats.

Finally a lining + random stuff

28 06 2009

I finished knitting and felting my Noni Market bag almost a year ago.  I cut slits in the felted fabric  and wove a ribbon through it.  Then it sat- 95% done until this past week. Waiting for some stiffener and a lining.  I got off my butt and sewed a beautiful lining for the purse.  Pretty darn happy with how it came out. Check out the before and afters:

Market Bag Before stiffener and lining

Market Bag Before stiffener and lining

After: Plastic Stiffener and raw silk lining.

After: Plastic Stiffener and raw silk lining.

Oh… see that bruise on my arm?  It’s quite colorful and will look quite beautiful with my dress on Friday at BF’s sister’s wedding :-(.  We went paint-balling this weekend, and I knew full well that I might get bruised in a visible place.  In the second to last game, (capture the flag) I took a paintball to the bicep.  Ouch!  my calf, thigh, and middle finger are all also sporting bruises.  Nevertheless, it was FUN! My first time paint-balling, and probably not my last.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to go out and buy equipment or dress in camo, but going once a year would be fun.  BTW- the most painful hit was on the knuckle of my middle finger- courtesy of my dear BF!

Last night was also The Great American Backyard Camp-out– A night to turn off the TV and set up camp in your back yard.  We got back from paint-balling (and BBQ-ing with friends) a little late, so it was dark when we were setting up the tent in the back yard.  After some very comedic attempts to get the tent up, (it’s been about 3 years since I set it up last) mom came out and gave us instructions.  It was fun and we can’t wait to go camping later this summer.

Not bad for putting it up in the dark!

Not bad for putting it up in the dark!

The Beastie Boys would be proud

2 03 2009

She’s Crafty“…  Yeah I know they weren’t referring to my mad craft skills, but since completing two sewing projects this weekend (I’m NOT a sew-er!) all I can hear in my head is one of my fav Beastie boys tunes… Crafty… 🙂

I took my sewing machine to BF’s house and tackled a project we had on the to do list for a while (before Christmas at least) -make throw pillows for his sofa.  I had a vision of mixing this wavy brown fabric the some brown corduroy.  Thanks to an easy to follow pattern for 18″ x 18” throw pillows at Design*Sponge and a little bit of math, BF and I made these cute pillow covers (he helped cut the fabric and press the seams).  The back is split making it easy to take the cover off and wash it. yay! I am sure this is pretty basic for those who sew but for me it was a miracle that the sewing machine didn’t eat my fabric!

Pillow fronts

Pillow fronts

Pillow Backs

Pillow Backs

Since I had the sewing machine out- and thanks to SpaceStitch, I decided to make my sad high water Purdue yoga pants into cropped pants.  First I must say, I was so excited when I bought these pants- (they have a bedazled P on them!) that I brought them to tailor to hemmed  (yes I have to hem almost all of my pants- sweats included) before i washed them- whoops! what I ended up with after the first washing was not so cute high waters.  LeAnne blogged about hemming stretchy yoga pants and she made it look so simple, I tried it myself- Success!  Now I have a cute pair of crop yoga pants instead to looking like I am waiting for a flood.

the bedazzled P- how great is that!

the bedazzled P- how great is that!

resulting cropped hem. Yay!

resulting cropped hem. Yay!