House Update & June Goal Progress

12 06 2009
2009 Jun 12_0219

Cass on the front yard side of the gate, he's Houdini

OMG! Buying your first house is SLOW! Last week the bank decided that the joint application BF and I had submitted needed to be broken apart into 2 seperate ones, since we aren’t married.  That took 3-4 days to do and have us sign them.  The appraisal is ordered for Monday. We haven’t locked into a rate yet, and have been bummed to see the interst rates going up (even if just slightly).  Our fingers are crossed that we can close before July 1st, but it might be closer to the 7th or 8th of July.

June Goal Progress

Buy dress for BF’s sister’s wedding (check!).  My size was all over the map! In some I need an 8, some a 6, and some a 4.  I actually need a 4 in the one I settled on, but there was only a 6  available, so I will have to make a trip to tailors.  It’s a Jones of NY long Maxi dress, black with very bright very large flowers around the bottom. Cost: $97.73– which is 22.73 more than the $75 budget I gave myself.  I estimate $30 for the alterations, so I am looking at just over $50 over budget.  Not horrible, and I will definitely wear the dress again.

I am on target to go to the gym twice a week, I got set up with a trainer. She’s awesome- my legs and butt are very sore. The biggest hassle is trying to find time with her in the mornings- between 5 and 6. Apparently everyone likes to work out at that time.  BF and I ran a 5K last weekend. OK, I ran/walked it.  I had my ipod and I would run a song, walk a song.  We just got our results- he finished 2nd (out of 3) in his age bracket and I finished 3rd (out of 6) in my age bracket.  I finished in just over 36 minutes kinda slow.  There is another 5K in July and I am hoping to improve that significantly.

I haven’t bought any yarn so far this month- so on track with that goal.

The rest… I am working on those.

2009 Jun 12_0218

First cut of lavender for the 2009 season.


Yarn Stash Confessions…

28 05 2009

When my favorite yarn store closed a year ago (sniff) i figured i would be better about buying too much yarn. You know when you live above a yarn store it is very tempting 🙂  I also thought- great, now I’ll start to use all this great yarn i have in my stash.

hummm… well…. I must confess- I haven’t been that good.  Here is the proof:

my unassuming yarn drawers

my unassuming yarn drawers

Holy Crap! How did all that yarn get in there... Ok not too bad...

Holy Crap! How did all that yarn get in there... Ok not too bad...


Ohh my... ok this is what we call a come to Jesus moment.  I need help with my Yarn addiction...

Ohh my... ok this is what we call a "come to Jesus moment". I need help with my Yarn addiction...

My girlfriend J and I were having a chuckle right after I took this photo.  Then the doorbell rang and I really had to face my “problems”

The mail man brought one more skein of Cascade Eco...

The mail man brought one more skein of Cascade Eco...

I blame Dizzy Sheep, the Woot of the Yarn world, and the recent Webs anniversary sale for my recent internet yarn purchases.

From Dizzy Sheep I’ve scored the following in recent months:

  • 11 skeins of Reynolds Lopi Icelandic wool $44.50 (retail $ 55.00) I inherited a bunch of bright orange lopi- i purchased these muted colors to tone down the orange in a large felted tote bag- at least that is the idea
  • 4 skeins of Dream In Color Smooshy $68.96 (retail $95.00) colors: 1 Happy Forest, 2 Blue Lagoon, 1 Gothic Rose. I already had 1 skein of Happy Forest in my stash. I have no idea what I want ot knit with these but I couldn’t pass up the good deal!

During the Webs anniversary sale I stocked up on the following:

  • 3 skeins of Ecological Wool in Dark Ash @ $10.49 per skein (retail $15 per skein) I want to knit BF and I a round heirloom throw blanket
  • 1 additional skein of Ecological Wool in Dark ask @full price  I decided on the Girasole pattern which required more yardage
  • 20 Skiens Amherst Yarn  byValley Yarns in Natural @ $3.19 per skein (retail $3.99 per skein) This is for a lover’s knot afghan I am knitting as a wedding gift.

Note: the 20 skeins of Amherst have not yet shipped… the stash is going to get bigger! oh no!  Needless to say, I am putting myself on a yarn diet. 😦

Dream in Color Smooshy... so dreamy!

Dream in Color Smooshy... so dreamy!

Offer Accepted on a Townhome!

11 05 2009


BF and I have been house hunting for a couple months.  As a couple planning on getting married in the next year or two (unofficially of course- the ring finger is still bare- no rumor spreading now!) , the housing market is very inviting!  BF’s lease is up in August and he is already spending too much money on his 600+ sq ft 1 bedroom place.  We put in a low ball offer on a 2 bed 2 bath place just a half mile from his current place.  We figured our offer would be a starting place. NOPE- they accepted it in full!  Wow!   Since the listing has been pulled and is now pending, here is a short description of the listing.

Bed: 2
Bath: 2
Sq Ft: 1086
Rivendale at Mill Creek. .. Welcome Home! This fantastic townhouse has a 2 car tandem garage w/ plenty of storage & access door leading to the luscious grounds. A few more reasons for you to own this great home. Think about the amazing Mill Creek Town Center. .. just minutes away. A beautiful & serene setting w/ Trails to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. An Awesome floor plan w/ Gorgeous Hardwood floors in living & dining rm, 2 BRs. ,2 BAs. , gas fireplace, open & spacious kitchen & all appliances stay.

The gallery has all of the photos that were posted on-line. BF and I will take more photos when we go to see it again! Oh… and in the interest of dispelling rumors, the plan is for me to stay  in my rented duplex (with mom)  until such a time when BF and I are married persons… and Mom will move to her own place. 🙂  BF will be living there alone for a little while .  If you are super interested in all the “specs” of the  townhouse are linked here.  We appreciate your prayers for a smooth and easy rest of the journey towards closing.

i won’t pay retail for glasses again!

6 03 2009

I’ve worn glasses really since my later teens.  I could wear contacts but they give me head aches when I am doing up close detail work or computer work so I usually limit my contact wearing to sporting events and special occasions.  I’ve always gotten compliments on my glasses, there was one pair that consistently got the “those are sexy glasses” comment.  Glasses can cost a pretty penny- even with eye insurance.  I think I paid at least $200 out of pocket for my last pair (after insurance).

In late 2008 I discovered that I really don’t need to pay retail for prescription eye glasses again!   I’ve compiled photos of my recent online eye glasses purchases and will detail what I paid for each- because seriously the mark-up on eyeglasses is highway robbery!  I should say now- I learned everything that I know about buying glasses online from  If you are serious about learning more check them out- especially the How it works page.

I started with a very inexpensive pair of glasses and a very inexpensive pair of sunglasses

NOV 20 2008
Website: Goggles4u Eyeglasses
$25.99 Eyeglasses with UV and Anti-reflective coatings
$25.99 Sunglasses  with UV and Anti-reflective coatings Tint Rose – 90%
$51.98 Subtotal
-$2.60 glassyeyes discount
Free  Shipping and Packaging
$49.38 USD  Grand Total





Next, I invested a little more in a pair that I knew I could submit insurance re-imbursement for.

Nov 25th
Website: 39dollar optical
**Flex Spending Account approved!**
$49.00 Oniferi Plastic Eyeglasses  with Lenses
$24.95   Anti-Relective Coating
$73.95   Subtotal
$5.95      Shipping



And finally, this winter I was looking for another pair of metal frames and I found his great chrome pair, back at Goggles4U

JAN 29 2009
Website: Goggles4u Eyeglasses
$29.99 Eyeglasses with UV and Anti-reflective coatings
$29.99  Subtotal
-1.50    glassyeyes discount
Free  Shipping and Packaging
$28.49  Grand Total



Grand Total spent on Glasses (without insurance reimbursement)….. $157.77! Divide that by 4 pairs of glasses= $39.44 per pair… WOW!

Some things to note:

  • Read Glassy Eyes thoroughly- read the review of the different online retailers and know going in what your expectation are.
  • Go to local retailers to figure out what type of glasses you want, jot down the measurements of what fits you, then shop online- its much easier- plus you then have an idea what you would be paying for similar frames in a store.
  • Please don’t blame me if this becomes an obsession 🙂  we can start a self help group!

I just wanted to share my new passion for eye glasses! Enjoy!