Red things: TOMATOES and baby booties

31 08 2009


thats Ta-maters :)

that's Ta-maters 🙂

OMG- we have a lot of tomatoes!  It doesn’t help that we are running around like crazy people the whole month of August, eating out a lot and not cooking at home as much.  Matt and I are taking a vacation (Mom too!) to New England to see the fam and we couldn’t bear the thought of these beauties rotting on the vine.  H is going to come take care of the kitties and help herself to our garden, but we’ve gotta find homes for the ones we’ve already picked. 🙂  So, tomorrow Matt and I are toting some gift bags of Garden goodness to work to give away. Don’t you wish you lived her (and if you do- call me and I’l save you some!)

I’ll try to blog a bit on our trip- as time allows.  I promise lots of photos- I just checked the forecast- highs in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s-  sweet- my kind of weather!

Hugs- and I can’t wait to see my NE Peeps!

Oh yeah- these Baby booties are for friends who don’t want their little girl to be a Pink pasaster like I was… (another story for another time).  I love the ruby red slippers!  I printed an apple on a little cotton cap and I am working on printing cherries and other fruit on the front of some plain onesies- perfect baby gifts… all handmade!

too cute!

too cute!

Garden Update

3 08 2009

Not much time, here are the winners:

  • tomatoes! there are so many!
  • Cucumbers- they’re going crazy
  • summer squash- after a slow start it’s producing quite a lot!
  • jalapenos, the best producing of the peppers
  • savory- growing like a weed
  • swiss chard- it’s amazing how much we’ve already eaten and how much it’s growing. great summer veggie!
  • green bell peppers- one is ready to pick and the other plant, which didn’t look like it was going to survive has started to produce fruit in the last week.
  • Dill- grew like a weed, then went to seed- but still, got a lotta dill from that
  • basil- growing strong!
  • Lavender- as always a strong producer!
  • Pole Beans, have flourished lately- and are reaching beyond even the tops of the trellis!


  • Chives, after picking once, they just died
  • Rosemary- it hasn’t grown at all, we’ve picked it and it is alive, but it hasn’t grown
  • lettuce- after a great spring- went to seed- our fault we didn’t stagger planting  or protect from sun so we’re plum out of lettuce right now.
  • Cubanelle peppers- on their deathbed, the cubanelle peppers have staged a comeback, but have yet to produce fruit, not without trying.

And now… the photos!

2009 Aug 03_0206

2009 Aug 03_0175

2009 Aug 03_0176

2009 Aug 03_0177

2009 Aug 03_0178

2009 Aug 03_0180

2009 Aug 03_0181

2009 Aug 03_0182

2009 Aug 03_0184

Happy Bastille Day!

14 07 2009

2009 Jul 14_0107
In our 2nd annual celebration of the French holiday Bastille Day, BF and I cooked up a french themed feast! On the Menu:

BF put together the menu… from our garden we used thyme, lavender, parsley, and basil.

OMG the chicken is amazing, if you need me to mail you a tablespoon of lavender just so you can try it I will…  Can’t wait for next Bastille day!

Swiss Chard, Bacon, and Ricotta Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

20 06 2009

We harvested our first little bit of Swiss chard.  Like the lettuce, we just trim of some of the swiss chard and the plants will continue to produce, looks like we’ll be enojoying swiss chard all summer!  Here is a picture of some of the yummy goodness:

First Harvet, Swiss Chard

First Harvet, Swiss Chard

I heart Epicurious! It’s one of the best resources on the web for recipes.  BF and I found this easy recipe for Swiss chard, bacon, and Ricotta Ravioli.  We replaced the won ton wrappers with fresh lasagna pasta sheets and it was super easy.

place a tablespoon of your filling on a strip of pasta

place a tablespoon of your filling on a strip of pasta

Wet your finger and trace the pasta edges

Wet your finger and trace the pasta edges

Fold pasta over and press all he air out, sealing the edges

Fold pasta over and press all he air out, sealing the edges

Volia! Fresh homemade ravioli!- cook... and serve!

Fresh homemade ravioli!- cook... and serve!

Serve with mild tomato sauce and stir fried swiss chard stems (yum)

Serve with mild tomato sauce and stir fried Swiss chard stems (yum)

And Poof… there were Peas

15 06 2009
2009 Jun 15_0001


The peas have been going crazy! I love they way they grab a hold of the the trellis and wrap around and around.  I have to constantly redirect them though- as early on they kept trying to grab a hold of neighbor plants (beans and tomatoes).    I go out every evening and redirect the peas, and I am amazed at the amount of growth that happens in 24 hrs.  Maybe I wasn’t looking too closely, but it seems like Poof… there are peas!  Today I noticed three pea pods.

I noticed baby tomatoes a couple days ago, and now he peas… that got me hunting around the garden for other emerging veggies.  Here is what I found.





summer squash

summer squash



First Harvet, Swiss Chard

First Harvet, Swiss Chard

We are loving the garden!   Just look at it grow!

Garden Goodness: Radishes!

11 06 2009

2009 Jun 08_0195

I have never been a fan of radishes- I think they were too strong for my taste as a child. But, mom and BF like them, so we planted some seeds in the SFG.  Those suckers grow fast! We’ve been enjoying radishes in our salads for a week or two now. When I say “we” I include myself- these radishes seem milder and more tender than the ones from the store.  We harvested all of the ones we planted and have planted more.

2009 Jun 08_0196

2009 Jun 08_0199

Our lettuce continues to thrive. we don’t harvest the whole head at once, we use shears and give it a “haircut” and the plants continue to produce.  we take a little from each type of lettuce so we get a great salad mix this way.  I think the lettuce might last the whole summer.  We like the lettuce so much that we condensed our four boxes of marigolds (grown with seeds from my niece and my nephew aka… the girl and the boy) down to two boxes. In one we planted four more heads of butter crisp lettuce (our fav!) and in the other we planted little carrots.

2009 Jun 08_0197 2009 Jun 05_0205

I put in more of my beloved dahlias, and the mini dahlias that I planted earlier have started to bloom.  I really like the purple and orange dahlias that we found a Lowes.  The Gerber daisy got moved to over by the lavender- as did the lemon verbina. Not knowing that we wouldn’t get more blooms, I cut the daisy a couple weeks ago to put flowers on the table… the one sole flower left looks a little sad.  The lemon verbena is interesting, but not growing fast- plus not sure what I will use it in- Mint on the other hand- I know exactly what I will use it in.. Mojitos!

The peas are going crazy- growing and climbing the trellis. Only one of the pole bean plants seems to have found the trellis so far and the cucumber plants aren’t too big yet. On a positive note,  I saw my first tomato on our Early Girl tomato plant today! Fingers crossed that our 5 tomato plants produce fruit!

Cassanova is enjoying the back yard- especially when we come out and roll in the grass with him. These photos are some of my favorites… he is soooo happy!

2009 Jun 08_0188

2009 Jun 08_0187

Garden update

28 05 2009
I heart Dhalias!

I heart Dahlias!

We harvested our first bit of goodness from our garden!  A heaping bowl full of lettuce for salad (Romain, Butter crisp, red sails, various red lettuce, various green lettuce, and spicy salad blend)!  We only harvested half of what was there- any it’s already grown back!

Other garden progress:

  • radishes have sprouted
  • marigolds sprouted
  • onions have sprouted
  • peas are grabbing the trellis
  • tomato plants have blossoms
  • Pole beans are starting to climb trellis
  • Dahlias starting to bud
  • Garlic sprouts have appeared
  • Lettuce is full and producing lots!
  • Swiss Chard is getting bigger!

My only concerns right now are the cucumber plants- they don’t seem to have gotten much bigger.