Giving Thanks!

27 11 2009

Admittedly I have been absent from blogging- well blogging on this site at least.  The past month Matt and I have been in full swing wedding planning and I have thrown all of my blog efforts into my personal wedding blog.

This year we all have so much to be thankful for: Matt my awesome fiance, my amazing family, wonderful future in-laws, friends, a job I love, and all the small blessings God has placed in my life. This is the third year that I’ve celebrated holidays with both my mom and my dad.  Matt and i will be in Fort Wayne for Christmas so dad came to visit for a week this Thanksgiving.  We’ve had a great time and enjoyed quite the feast.

Last year Matt was the one who conked out on the sofa

But this year it was mom who fell fast asleep on the sofa with a full belly.


Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


Amy, Matt, Jim, Elizabeth, Cassanova, and Cheese




One response

28 11 2009

What are the green things in the picture of food?

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