Day 4: Red Hook in NH and Maine

14 09 2009

On the fourth day of our vacation we visited with my Grandma for a second time (she has Alzheimer’s and is at a place near my Aunt in Massachusetts), before hitting the road up to Maine to visit with more family.

2009 Sep 02_0718

As a side note, as I see it, one of the blessings of Alzheimers is that you can share good news with your loved one and every time it’s like they are hearing it for the first time.  We told Grandma of our engagement three times during this trip and showed her the ring.  Every time she was so happy and it was so special to share that joy with her.

Matt and I knew that Red Hook had a brewery in Portsmouth NH on our way to Maine.  Red Hook’s original brewery was in Seattle, but has moved to nearby Woodinville, WA.  I’ve visited the Washington brewery so we thought it would be cool to visit the one in NH too. (these are the only 2 Red Hook Breweries in the country) Matt and I are always down to sample some craft beers.  My stomach was a little upset from a tuna sandwich that didn’t agree with me, but I sampled all four Beers that they offered us.  A nice little sidetrip on the way to Maine.  We got into Maine around 5 pm and spent a great evening chatting with my Aunt and Uncle.  Oh and did I mention that the weather was awesome?

yummm beer!

yummm beer!

Sorry Aunt S- I LOVE this photo- can't remember what you were describing but this captures the way we have animated conversations perfectly! Love you!



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14 09 2009

You guys are too cute–what a sweet story about your Grandma!

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