Day 3: Laconia, Weirs Beach Blvd and Visiting Friends

7 09 2009
MS Mount Washington coming into dock

MS Mount Washington coming into dock

So, I knew we needed to take a side trip north to my hometown, Gilford.  We had a great lunch with Kendra- who’s been my dear, dear friend since we were in the 5th grade.  She gave Matt her stamp of approval and Matt and I took off to tour the “sites” of the Laconia/Gilford Area: Belknap Mt- my old house, the Village Store, Gilford middle/high school- whoa they did some additions there!- downtown Laconia (lunch at the Soda Shoppe)- the Colonial is closed, how sad- and finally the highlight- the Weirs. lol… a little bit slow which surprised me. We had slush at Harts Slush and watched the MS mount Washington (my first job!) come into dock.  On our way back to my Aunts house, we stopped in Franklin to see my friend Chris.  All in all a great day.  Matt’s comment on the New England roads this far? “They are crazy as hell! You don’t believe in a 90 degree intersection”  This has solved the mystery for him as to why I say “go straight” when sometimes “straight” is really a right or left turn… straight is a relative term!




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