Day 1: I said “yes”

3 09 2009


So, Matt and I have had a trip to New England planned since this spring.  This was our “meet the rest of the family trip”.  My mom made the trip with us- making it even more special.  My heart was set on being engaged for this trip so we could celebrate our engagement with my family.  As the days ticked by and our trip got closer- I got more and more stressed out.  Had he bought the ring? Was he going to propose?

Matt is very very good at keeping secrets and it drove me crazy! I was almost certain that he had bought the ring, but yesterday, as we arrived at the airport he said some things that made me doubt that he had bought the ring. I almost frisked him (ok I did frisk him) right there in the southwest check in line.  I tried really hard not to be too upset, but my emotions got the best of me.  In Chicago when I confided and told Matt that I was upset and a little mad at him, he couldn’t keep smiling- (which with an emotional woman isn’t the best reaction!) and finally he told me that if I knew what he knew I would smile too.

We had a great dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and Mom.  They were giving me a hard time, trying to find out the wedding date (we agreed not to tell anyone until he had proposed).  Knowing that I was super emotional, Mr Knit decided to be nice and he took a “Tiffany Blue” pouch out of his shoe.  Yes- in order to hide it from me he put in the ipod compartment in his Nike running shoes- I thought it was strange that he was wearing these shoes which he usually only wears to the gym.  I bet the scanner guy at the airport smiled when he say my ring go through x-ray! Back to the story- so he holds up a Tiffany pouch and my hands flew up to my face! “Oh my God!”  I grabbed his face and pulled him towards me for a kiss- before he even got the words out.  “Amy Beth , will you marry me!”   YES! Yes!  Please note- I had not even looked at the ring yet.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of his face.  I kissed him again and finally took a peak at the ring!  It is perfect.  The classic Tiffany setting.  Just under a half caret- I made him promise to keep it under a half caret because anything bigger would look ridiculous on my size four finger!

My family felt so honored to be here for this momentous occasion.  I was thankful too- especially because as soon as the ring came out my Aunt said to my Uncle- get the camera!  We are so lucky to have these wonderful photos of the whole event.  Enjoy!  I am off to enjoy my fiance’s company!  Fiance! Yay!

I said Yes!

I said Yes!




4 responses

5 09 2009

Congratulations. I hope that you both have a happy life together.

9 09 2009
Lean-in-ator Fisher

Congrats, Amy! I’m really happy for you guys!

17 09 2009

Congrats and good luck! Very happy for you : )

22 09 2009
Aunt Jane

Thanks for the kind words. We really enjoyed your visit and were honored to witness the engagement. We wish you and Matt the best always.
Aunt Jane and Jack

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