Red things: TOMATOES and baby booties

31 08 2009


thats Ta-maters :)

that's Ta-maters 🙂

OMG- we have a lot of tomatoes!  It doesn’t help that we are running around like crazy people the whole month of August, eating out a lot and not cooking at home as much.  Matt and I are taking a vacation (Mom too!) to New England to see the fam and we couldn’t bear the thought of these beauties rotting on the vine.  H is going to come take care of the kitties and help herself to our garden, but we’ve gotta find homes for the ones we’ve already picked. 🙂  So, tomorrow Matt and I are toting some gift bags of Garden goodness to work to give away. Don’t you wish you lived her (and if you do- call me and I’l save you some!)

I’ll try to blog a bit on our trip- as time allows.  I promise lots of photos- I just checked the forecast- highs in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s-  sweet- my kind of weather!

Hugs- and I can’t wait to see my NE Peeps!

Oh yeah- these Baby booties are for friends who don’t want their little girl to be a Pink pasaster like I was… (another story for another time).  I love the ruby red slippers!  I printed an apple on a little cotton cap and I am working on printing cherries and other fruit on the front of some plain onesies- perfect baby gifts… all handmade!

too cute!

too cute!




One response

10 09 2009
Gloria Cortez

You definitely have a green thunb…those tomatoes are perfect and look like they would be delicious. Sorry I don’t live near you guys to be lucky enough to get some of those beauties. You are a busy girl…enjoy your visit to the farm. Take care.

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