Seattle Adventures with M&S

27 08 2009
Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Matt’s brother M and his fiance S came to visit in early August.  They had the distinct pleasure of being our first guests in the Townhouse. We spent a week with them and had an absolute blast. It was both of their first trips to Seattle.  They will be getting married next May 15th and we can hardly wait.  Before I share some fun photos I have to mention that the similarities between us as couples if funny.  We both started dating around the same time.  Without knowing it we both had similar stages in our relationships, went on similar dates (LOWES and Best Buy dates!) and now we both have similar discussions.  Matt and his bother have a lot of similarities and the women they’ve  chosen do too. 🙂  It’s funny when we compare notes and Matt will say- Amy does that too- or she says the same thing.  When M&S went home the townhome seemed empty and Matt and I were sad. 😦  We can’t wait to see them at Christmas time.

In their Seattle Adventures we:

  • toured the Muppet Exhibit at EMP (experience music project)
  • Rode the Duck
  • Had a lobster bake
  • Ate salmon (yum)
  • Went to Mt Rainier and stayed at the Paridise Inn.
  • A short hike on Rainier
  • Went off trail at a waterfall and had the most fun climbing rocks
  • Visited Ikea (an adventure in and of itself)
  • Went on a Boeing Tour
  • M&S also took the bus to Seattle and explored Pike Place and Pioneer Square as well as a day trip to Whidbey Island



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