She’ll protect my photos with “the force”

25 08 2009
Isnt she so cute!

Isn't she so cute!

As I previously mentioned in Townhouse and ‘puter trouble! my external hard drive was broke and I sent if off to have the experts try to restore my jpgs (there were other files that I just decided to write off instead of paying thousands of dollars to retrieve).  Good news- all of the jpgs were recovered YAY!

Now I needed to replace my external hard drive.  I have been lookign for an excuse to get a princess Leia flash drive and I couldn’t think of anything better to store my photos on!  I just ordered her, so once she arrives I’ll be back in business.

I know it’s silly- but i think not having a hard drive or my photos has slowed my blog posting… don’t laugh- i know they aren’t really related but mentally I think they are.   I’ve got a bunch of posts to share with you in my head- I just need to sit down and  type them up.  Here is a preview:

  • Townhouse update: the dining/living room
  • Seattle Adventures with M&S (Matt’s brother and his fiance)
  • Making Salsa, Mojitos, and Cuban sandwiches  from the garden (ok with some ingredients from the garden)
  • Photos from the National Dahlia show

A week from tomorrow Matt, Mom and I are flying east to see my New England Family. Yay! It will be a great trip. I must admit I am pretty nervous for him to meet the Uncles- I’ve never had my uncles meet a boyfriend (perhaps for good reason- they can tease mercilessly).  I also get to see my Grandma, It’s been almost a 2 years since I saw her last.  I hope to catch up with some dear friends from high school and spend some quality time hanging with my cousins. I promise to be better about posting… July and August have been so crazy!




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