Townhouse and ‘puter trouble!

3 08 2009

After 80 days, we finally closed on our townhouse last Wednesday!  Of course, I took lots of photos to memorialize the moment, BF and I holding up our keys, the toasting of campaign with Mom and our awesome real estate/ mortgage guy…

My plan was to post the photos on Thursday morning, but ummm those photos met another fate, a fate where my external hard drive met the hard wood of my kitchen floor- ouch!  All of my photos- I mean ALL OF MY PHOTOS from the past 9 years+ are in limbo right now- my hard drive came crashing to the floor Wednesday night when I knocked it off my table- and I stupidly didn’t have a back up of the drive.  I’m facing no less than $800 to try to retrieve just the jpgs (which after hard deliberation i decided were the only things worth trying to restore).  That’s the main reason you haven’t seen a blog post from me in quite some time. I had just taken all of the photos for the posts that i wanted to write and it threw me for a loop to have those photos disappear.  That and we’ve been busy since Wednesday moving BF  into the townhouse.  In case you’re worried, I won’t move in until after we are married, and in case your wondering about that I have no information for you 🙂 Lol…. I was able to download this phone photo I sent to friends and family when we closed:

yay! Keys!

yay! Keys!

A couple of random things:

  • Did you see the news last Wednesday? It was the hottest day EVER  in Seattle- OMG it was sweltering… and our townhouse it was 95 degrees at 7:30 at night- Wow!  Oh and in case you’re wondering, we don’t have A/C- nobody in Seattle does.
  • Who puts plastic runners over carpeted stairs? Seriously who? The people we bought our house from that’s who.  We couldn’t even wait to take a photo before ripping them up… so here is the after (notice the discoloration of the carpet?)
  • 2009 Aug 03_0199

  • Why do they even sell brass fixtures anymore?  The people who lived here loved them! ( the real estate agent thank goodness, replaced all of the door hardware and the kitchen cabinet and drawer pulls with brushed nickle)  The bathrooms however are still brass- we replaced the cabinet pulls and the TP roll holders already but the faucets still need to be replaced.  (PS the fireplace is also brass, but we have a DIY solution for that- I’ll post about it after I prove it’s success!)
  • 2009 Aug 03_0197

  • We bought this place from aB oeing couple, how do we know? The faucet in the kitchen is branded with Boeing… lol… we wonder if it came out of the PRIDE Cabinet, or if it was a free give away… we already bought a replacement.
  • 2009 Aug 03_0195

  • We thought the brass on the chandelier was bad, but then we turned it on at night and saw the pattern of light the cut glass threw… needless to say, we’re looking for a replacement!
  • 2009 Aug 03_0202

  • Remember TT-8L from star wars?  No? The Gatekeeper droid that looked like an eye? still no? maybe this will refresh your memory… oh wait that’s my our shower head in my master bath.  I’ll send a hand knit item to the first person correctly identifies the battery operated appliance that this also resembles. 🙂
  • 2009 Aug 03_0198

I’m just saying… those are the funny things we’ve been fixing the past few days.  Here is the fruit of my labor for the past two days… the kitchen is 95% complete- only the pot rack to hang.  Oh and yes, the veggies on the island are from our garden! More posts soon I promise!

2009 Aug 03_0203

2009 Aug 03_0204



3 responses

4 08 2009

“Why do they even sell brass fixtures anymore? The people who lived here loved them!”

Ummm…they sell them because they are cheaper…we have brass fixtures in both houses……The people who lived there before you probably “loved” them because 1) they were more affordable and/or 2) they put them in when brass was “fashionable” and didn’t have the cash to replace them all when it became less so….

4 08 2009

Prolly, right- the place was built in the height of brass. On price though, when we were at lowes we saw that the brass fixtures we have are slightly more expensive than the same ones in a silver color 🙂 Interesting…

8 08 2009

I’m so sorry about your pics! I hope you can get them retrieved. 😦

Congrats on the townhouse and I love the pics of all your progress! Not a fan of brass either…

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