Garden Update

3 08 2009

Not much time, here are the winners:

  • tomatoes! there are so many!
  • Cucumbers- they’re going crazy
  • summer squash- after a slow start it’s producing quite a lot!
  • jalapenos, the best producing of the peppers
  • savory- growing like a weed
  • swiss chard- it’s amazing how much we’ve already eaten and how much it’s growing. great summer veggie!
  • green bell peppers- one is ready to pick and the other plant, which didn’t look like it was going to survive has started to produce fruit in the last week.
  • Dill- grew like a weed, then went to seed- but still, got a lotta dill from that
  • basil- growing strong!
  • Lavender- as always a strong producer!
  • Pole Beans, have flourished lately- and are reaching beyond even the tops of the trellis!


  • Chives, after picking once, they just died
  • Rosemary- it hasn’t grown at all, we’ve picked it and it is alive, but it hasn’t grown
  • lettuce- after a great spring- went to seed- our fault we didn’t stagger planting  or protect from sun so we’re plum out of lettuce right now.
  • Cubanelle peppers- on their deathbed, the cubanelle peppers have staged a comeback, but have yet to produce fruit, not without trying.

And now… the photos!

2009 Aug 03_0206

2009 Aug 03_0175

2009 Aug 03_0176

2009 Aug 03_0177

2009 Aug 03_0178

2009 Aug 03_0180

2009 Aug 03_0181

2009 Aug 03_0182

2009 Aug 03_0184




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