June Goal Wrap-up and July Goals

13 07 2009

2009 Jul 12_0104

  1. Set up and attend Personal Trainer apts for 2 half hours a week- early Monday and Wednesday mornings (7 sessions for June) SUCCESS!
  2. Stay within calorie budget 1,327 per day 6 out of 7 days per week – FAIL- A good try but I stopped calculating calories about halfway through the month.
  3. Purchase Dress for BF’s sister’s wedding ($75 budget), but spend no other $ on clothing in June FAIL- I purchased the dress for $97  had it altered for $18 and also bought flip fops and a tee shirt for a total of $135 on clothes
  4. Zero dollar yarn budget (gasp!) SUCCESS! Yay- I resisted the urge to buy yarn for a baby gift…
  5. Complete 1 project per week on BF’s to-do-list. (week 1: clean the interior of his car, like I promised a couple weeks ago.) FAIL- I did however, clean the interior of his car yesterday 🙂

Two out of 5… hummm… Here are  my July goals

  1. Eat dinner at BF’s place at least 2 nights a week (we spend too much time at my house)
  2. Close on the house!
  3. Make itinerary for M&S’s (BF’s brother and brother’s Fiance) Seattle Trip
  4. Add 1 day cardio to weekly workout (currently 2 days personal training)
  5. Renew Drivers License



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