And Poof… there were Peas

15 06 2009
2009 Jun 15_0001


The peas have been going crazy! I love they way they grab a hold of the the trellis and wrap around and around.  I have to constantly redirect them though- as early on they kept trying to grab a hold of neighbor plants (beans and tomatoes).    I go out every evening and redirect the peas, and I am amazed at the amount of growth that happens in 24 hrs.  Maybe I wasn’t looking too closely, but it seems like Poof… there are peas!  Today I noticed three pea pods.

I noticed baby tomatoes a couple days ago, and now he peas… that got me hunting around the garden for other emerging veggies.  Here is what I found.





summer squash

summer squash



First Harvet, Swiss Chard

First Harvet, Swiss Chard

We are loving the garden!   Just look at it grow!




One response

16 06 2009

Great job. Your Garden looks neat and tidy compared to mine. Keep up the good work or fun as I call it.

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