House Update & June Goal Progress

12 06 2009
2009 Jun 12_0219

Cass on the front yard side of the gate, he's Houdini

OMG! Buying your first house is SLOW! Last week the bank decided that the joint application BF and I had submitted needed to be broken apart into 2 seperate ones, since we aren’t married.  That took 3-4 days to do and have us sign them.  The appraisal is ordered for Monday. We haven’t locked into a rate yet, and have been bummed to see the interst rates going up (even if just slightly).  Our fingers are crossed that we can close before July 1st, but it might be closer to the 7th or 8th of July.

June Goal Progress

Buy dress for BF’s sister’s wedding (check!).  My size was all over the map! In some I need an 8, some a 6, and some a 4.  I actually need a 4 in the one I settled on, but there was only a 6  available, so I will have to make a trip to tailors.  It’s a Jones of NY long Maxi dress, black with very bright very large flowers around the bottom. Cost: $97.73– which is 22.73 more than the $75 budget I gave myself.  I estimate $30 for the alterations, so I am looking at just over $50 over budget.  Not horrible, and I will definitely wear the dress again.

I am on target to go to the gym twice a week, I got set up with a trainer. She’s awesome- my legs and butt are very sore. The biggest hassle is trying to find time with her in the mornings- between 5 and 6. Apparently everyone likes to work out at that time.  BF and I ran a 5K last weekend. OK, I ran/walked it.  I had my ipod and I would run a song, walk a song.  We just got our results- he finished 2nd (out of 3) in his age bracket and I finished 3rd (out of 6) in my age bracket.  I finished in just over 36 minutes kinda slow.  There is another 5K in July and I am hoping to improve that significantly.

I haven’t bought any yarn so far this month- so on track with that goal.

The rest… I am working on those.

2009 Jun 12_0218

First cut of lavender for the 2009 season.



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