Garden Goodness: Radishes!

11 06 2009

2009 Jun 08_0195

I have never been a fan of radishes- I think they were too strong for my taste as a child. But, mom and BF like them, so we planted some seeds in the SFG.  Those suckers grow fast! We’ve been enjoying radishes in our salads for a week or two now. When I say “we” I include myself- these radishes seem milder and more tender than the ones from the store.  We harvested all of the ones we planted and have planted more.

2009 Jun 08_0196

2009 Jun 08_0199

Our lettuce continues to thrive. we don’t harvest the whole head at once, we use shears and give it a “haircut” and the plants continue to produce.  we take a little from each type of lettuce so we get a great salad mix this way.  I think the lettuce might last the whole summer.  We like the lettuce so much that we condensed our four boxes of marigolds (grown with seeds from my niece and my nephew aka… the girl and the boy) down to two boxes. In one we planted four more heads of butter crisp lettuce (our fav!) and in the other we planted little carrots.

2009 Jun 08_0197 2009 Jun 05_0205

I put in more of my beloved dahlias, and the mini dahlias that I planted earlier have started to bloom.  I really like the purple and orange dahlias that we found a Lowes.  The Gerber daisy got moved to over by the lavender- as did the lemon verbina. Not knowing that we wouldn’t get more blooms, I cut the daisy a couple weeks ago to put flowers on the table… the one sole flower left looks a little sad.  The lemon verbena is interesting, but not growing fast- plus not sure what I will use it in- Mint on the other hand- I know exactly what I will use it in.. Mojitos!

The peas are going crazy- growing and climbing the trellis. Only one of the pole bean plants seems to have found the trellis so far and the cucumber plants aren’t too big yet. On a positive note,  I saw my first tomato on our Early Girl tomato plant today! Fingers crossed that our 5 tomato plants produce fruit!

Cassanova is enjoying the back yard- especially when we come out and roll in the grass with him. These photos are some of my favorites… he is soooo happy!

2009 Jun 08_0188

2009 Jun 08_0187



2 responses

15 06 2009
Aunt Jane

I still need to send you some pictures of my garden. It’s been rather cool and rainy the last couple of weeks so the hot weather crops aren’t growing much. We’ve harvested some lettuce and radishes. Grandpa would have loved the radishes.I want to plant more but may wait until august as it maybe too hot for them. The morning glories are coming along but haven’t gotten tall enough for the trellis. A couple of the tomato plants have reached the trellis. In my spare time, I work on my flower gardens, weeding and transplanting. It is an addiction. Will send pics soon.
Love, Aunt Jane

15 06 2009

🙂 I know! I am addicted to plants too! We just dug up four squares of asparagus- it takes 3 years to produce asparagus! Can’t wait that long. Haven’t decided what is going in those boxes yet. 🙂

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