June Goals

1 06 2009
view from back yard, laying on my back

view from back yard, laying on my back

To keep myself honest and moving forward I decided to list a set of monthly goals and then report at mid month, and month end my progress.  For June, I am working on establishing a workout routine, staying within my calorie budget, limiting spending in one area of my financial budget and balancing time working towards BF’s goals.

  1. Set up and attend Personal Trainer apts for 2 half hours a week- early Monday and Wednesday mornings (7 sessions for June)
  2. Stay within calorie budget 1,327 per day 6 out of 7 days per week
  3. Purchase Dress for BF’s sister’s wedding ($75 budget), but spend no other $ on clothing in June
  4. Zero dollar yarn budget (gasp!)
  5. Complete 1 project per week on BF’s to-do-list. (week 1: clean the interior of his car, like I promised a couple weeks ago.)

We’ll see how it goes…




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12 06 2009
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