Randomness: house inspection, ft. jackson, and lobstahs

28 05 2009

Here’s the round-up from the last couple of weeks.

House Inspection: We had the house inspection with a great inspector- it took close to 4 hours for a 1100 sq ft townhome!  No red flags, a couple of minor things to bring to the HOA and a couple of things that we’ll want to do in the next year- (like new Master Bath shower and sink- but we planned on that when we put our offer in).

Ft Jackson: BF and I traveled to Ft Jackson, South Carolina for his brother’s basic training graduation.  We had a lot of fun visiting with his brother, sister, and parents.  It was very interesting to see what life is like on an Army Base.  We bowled, tasted some amazing Carolina BBQ, visited with my friend Grizz, and did a little shopping at the PX.  We bought clippers and I gave BF a haircut- pretty easy #2 blade- but I’m just so proud that I didn’t cut his ear!

Lobstah Boil: Upon returning to the Seattle area, we had the 4th annual Seattle Lemire Lobstah boil!  This year I took a page out of my brother’s book and bought a turkey fryer to boil the lobsters in- what a difference! we fit about 8 or so lobsters in the pot all at once.  Returning Lobstah boil veteran- H was a great help to me and my mom in giving the other “novices” instruction.  The weather was amazing and the company of friends was unmatched.  Cassanova spent the whole day outside with us hanging out and he even suckered BF into sharing some of his lobster with him. We had a huge salad made entirely with lettuce from our garden- and it just keeps growing! 🙂  The flowers on the tables also came from the garden, soon we hope to be able to make a whole salad from our crops!



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28 05 2009

Hey! I live in Seattle! High five, haha =) The house looks amazinggg, I would love to live in a house like that someday. Congratulations to your boyfriend’s brother for his graduation. My friend just graduated from NMMI and is also a LT in the Army. Crazy stuff =) Bet everyone’s proud of him.

18 06 2009
Aunt Jane

Seattle is getting all the sun and we are getting all the rain. I’m waiting for my peas to flower as I write. It’s so much fun to go out everyday after work and see what is developing. If it ever stops raining, I will take some pictures. You should send pictures of your garden to “Mel’s” website. Your garden is as nice as many of those.

Aunt Jane

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