Garden update

28 05 2009
I heart Dhalias!

I heart Dahlias!

We harvested our first bit of goodness from our garden!  A heaping bowl full of lettuce for salad (Romain, Butter crisp, red sails, various red lettuce, various green lettuce, and spicy salad blend)!  We only harvested half of what was there- any it’s already grown back!

Other garden progress:

  • radishes have sprouted
  • marigolds sprouted
  • onions have sprouted
  • peas are grabbing the trellis
  • tomato plants have blossoms
  • Pole beans are starting to climb trellis
  • Dahlias starting to bud
  • Garlic sprouts have appeared
  • Lettuce is full and producing lots!
  • Swiss Chard is getting bigger!

My only concerns right now are the cucumber plants- they don’t seem to have gotten much bigger.



2 responses

28 05 2009

I love it when hard work pays off! Garden looks great. Good luck with the townhouse.

1 06 2009

Great looking garden. Thanks for sharing these good pics.

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