Using the “outdoor litterbox”

11 05 2009

Meow… I want to go outside…. Meow… I want to come inside… Outside…. Inside… Outside… Inside.

This is a common conversation Cassanova has with me.  When he’s out, he frequently asks to come in, from what i can gather, he comes in for one of a five reasons:

  • to eat
  • to use the litter box (more on this later)
  • to make sure us humans are still OK (if we aren’t outside with him)
  • to puke (usually after eating grass outside)
  • cause it’s raining,  but then forgets that it is raining, wants to go out

This weekend he figured out how to eliminate one of the reasons to come in.  He realized that he as a cat, and that the world is his litter box.  Out of desperation- (we were all outside gardening this weekend and wouldn’t let him go inside) he figured out that he could use the flower bed next to the house as a litter box. Not sure if this is something the cheer, but is is certainly something to giggle about. 🙂  Oh Cassanova!



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