Out from under my Lace Scarf

24 04 2009

YAY!  I am out from under my lace scarf! It’s done- finished, blocked, and already worn!  It’s so pretty, but dang did that one snooze for a long time! The relief I feel is great… now to tackle some more lingering projects.

I also finished up a beaded crochet bracelet that was lingering from Christmas time and I finished my second felted chick.  You’ll remember that my friend Malaika’s little boy was the recipient for the first felted chick, I think my high school friend Phaedra’s daughter who is on the way will be the recipient of the second one.

My new “to-do” Knitting list

  • Itty-bitty Mary-Jane’s for (Phaedra’s little one!)
  • Lace Wing Scarf (for mom)
  • Black Sheep (for me!)
  • Sizzle tanktop in aqua Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (for me!)
  • Black Cashmere Mobious (it’s been on the needles for 3 years this June!)
  • Entralac purse in browns (for me!)



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