Some Rx for Hemlock Ring Blanket

19 03 2009
Hemlock Ring In Work

Hemlock Ring In Work

OMG- Did I freak out when I discovered the broken yarn in the blanket I am knitting?  Understatement of the year!  I was especially concerned that it was the yarn that caused the break- Maybe I was using too much tension on the yarn and weakened it… maybe after i give it as a gift more holes will appear… is my knitting too tight? Oh no…

After I looked it over more, and Faye came to the rescue we came to the conclusion that one of my cats (Cheese we think) did a little yarn tasting.  This is how we think it went down.

The yarn I am working with is un-dyed natural wool- it smells supper yummy to kitties.  Because the blanket is so big I did not put it in a project bag which I usually do (my kitties like to taste yarn) but put it in an open top tote bag.  I think Cheese went in for a taste, she didn’t chew- the yarn had no evidence of chewing- and I think she got her broken tooth (remember her swan dive off of the 2nd floor landing?) caught on the yarn and in her attempt to free it she broke two separate pieces of yarn- one of which was on a lace row and a yarn-over nonetheless.

So I am no longer freaking out that the blanket might spontaneously fall apart- it’s really nice yarn… just super yummy to kitties. I am lucky that the recipient of this gift doesn’t have kitties, and I am now rethinking making my own blanket with the Cascade Eco- I think I am going to find another yarn that doesn’t tempt the cat’s taste buds so much.

Many thanks to Faye who came to the rescue and helped me repair the hole. It wasn’t an easy task.  You can see from the pictures below that the repair isn’t that noticeable unless you look close (or are a knitter trained to see these types of things) since the future owner of the blanket isn’t a knitter, I am thinking this minor “blemish” won’t be an issue- especially with how beautiful I know it will turn out.  I’m on the home stretch- maybe 15 or 20 more rows and then the edging.  Hopefully will be done by the end of the weekend.

Repaired Cheese Bite

Repaired Cheese Bite



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