I scored a random Bag of Crap!

26 02 2009

My first introduction to the website WOOT.com was actually during a woot-off.  Woot can be described as a deal a day website, they sell 1 item a day until they run out or until midnight central time when they post a new item.  The guys at woot have a great sense of humor and the product descriptions are a hillarous.  About every couple months they have a woot-off a virtual free for all where as soon as one product is sold out they post another.  Some products don’t stay up for more than minutes and the woot-off lasts a day or two.  There are always funny products and good deals and there is always a random bag of crap- but more on that later. So the fact that the first time I logged on to woot.com was during a woot off is perhaps why i am so obsessed with the random bag of crap. The first woot-off I just watched and read some of the comments on products (which sometimes are funnier than the products).

The Random Bag of Crap is like the mythical unicorn, the holy grail of wooting.  It is as simple as it sounds, a random bag- you don’t know what you are going to get, most of it crap. Some times you get a Sansa mp3 player without any cords or manuals(“crap!”), or perhaps a roomba, digital camera or TV (not crap!). Each bag has up to 3 craps in it and you can get 3 bags all for $1 per bag + $5 shipping and handling. What makes it mythical?  Woot experiences such server overload as soon as the random bag of crap appears that it is almost impossible to get through to the ordering page.  I tried, unsuccessfully for 4 or 5 woot-offs.


Until last week. 🙂  I successfully scored my first bucket of carp.  That’s another fun tid-bit- the woot user forums have a filter on them- any time you type “crap”- it posts “carp”. and if you type “bag of crap” it spits out something like “bucket of carp”  my favorites include:

  • Bandoleer of carrots
  • Banjo of Consternation
  • Bucket of Carp
  • Baggy of Camomile
  • Banging old cans

So finally, yay, I scored my own. Fingers are crossed, can’t wait to see what $3 plus $5 shipping and handling buys. I got an e-mail today- my bags of crap will arrive on March 4th. 🙂



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5 03 2009
What is in a Bag of Crap? « IfTinkerBellKnit

[…] Woot Bag of Crap arrived yesterday.  I scored this BOC during the last Woot-off (see post “I scored a Random Bag of Crap“)  I’ve been waiting to see what I got… Here’s a little photo journey of […]

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