Random Notes

27 01 2009
random scarf for some random posts..."Spontaneous Scarf"

random scarf for some random posts..."Spontaneous Scarf"

  • I am figuring out easy ways to run errands and get around. Last week I caught a bus to  the chiropractor then over another one to BF’s house, all on one fare. Today I plan to hit the post office, bank, and doctors office on my way to see him.  He’s got strep :-(.
  • More savings associated with the selling of the car! 🙂  I am getting about a $100 refund from the dealer who sold me the car on the unused portion of my GAP insurance. I paid my loan off a year early so they owe me around a hundred dollars- cool!
  • I am back doing Dinner’s Ready again. BF and I love to cook! But cooking on weeknights can be a bit lengthy and our grocery bills were high. I suggested we try Dinners ready for weeknight cooking.  We get a bunch of meals in a mix of 2 serving and 3-4 serving sizes. We keep the 2 person ones mostly at his house and the 3-4 person ones at my house- that way we cook for Mom too.  We did it in December and I saw a great reduction in my grocery bill in January.  Plus it’s fun- He and i go to assemble our meals together which saves us 10%, we save another 10% by ordering 16 meals, and we also save $15 through an employer discount.  After all of the discounts our meals cost between $5.50 and $5.75 per serving. Can’t really beat that.  Meals usually come with a side so we usually add either a veggie or rice depending on the side.
  • Finishing projects up! Keeping myself honest below is the original list. I finished a pair of blue and green baby booties for my friend from high school.  Very cute.  Instead of working on the pink scarf, I finished a spontaneous scarf which I started last spring for BF- he likes his alpaca scarf instead so it’s become a scarf without a home.  I am still searching for a baby gift for one more boy who is one the way… ideas appreciated.
    • 2nd sock in a pair for Mom
    • Stuffed Teddy Bear for friend’s baby
    • Felted baby chicks for ???
    • Pink scarf I started 2 years ago (ouch)
    • A slew of miniature stockings ornaments
    • baby gift for baby boy
    • baby gift for baby boy
  • You might enjoy a laugh I have a bad habit of falling asleep on BF’s sofa while watching TV. I apparently say the some pretty funny things right as I am falling asleep.  I’m keeping a running tally… Here’s the list so far
    • “My eyes are toothpicks” (my version of I couldn’t keep my eyes open with toothpicks)
    • “I have a log on my desk too” (I opened my eyes long enough to see a TV show where they were interviewing a guy with a log on his desk)
    • “Uh-Oh”

That’s a short update. 🙂



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