The Wheels on the Bus…

31 12 2008

I swear all of this snow (which is slowly melting into slush and creating a mess) has me extra sleepy- or maybe it’s2008-dec-30_0004 that I don’t have to go to work until Friday, but I have been super lazy lately.  I’ve been doing a little crafting (knitting and some other decorative arts) so I don’t feel completely unproductive. A few posts ago I listed the items I thought I would finish first…

  • 2nd sock in a pair for Mom
  • Stuffed Teddy Bear for friend’s baby
  • Felted baby chicks for ???
  • Pink scarf I started 2 years ago (ouch)
  • A slew of miniature stockings ornaments
  • A couple of baby gifts for baby boys (for the record, girls are more fun to knit for!)

2008-dec-28_0012So far from my original list, I’m 50% done…  but true to Amy fashion, I cast on and finished a few other items not on that original list.. like a skull and cross-bone hat (for me… just cause I’m going to ride the bus on Friday and I didn’t have a warm hat to cover my ears…) and I finally finished the dishcloths for BF. 🙂  They came out cute, but I found out that dark knitted dishcloths are hard to photograph…ughh. The one in the back is black and the one in the front is chocolate brown (even though it looks like a reddish brown).

yumm yarn!

yumm yarn!

Speaking of yarn… I bought my first item on Dizzy Sheep! I love this site! Manos del Uruguay (made by a cooperative of women in Uruguay and kettle dyed) on sale for $8.99 (retail $15.00) I paid a whooping 31.97 ($5.00 shipping)  for 3 skeins which would’ve cost me $45 to buy in a yarn store.  Did I mention that they mailed it Priority mail and i received the yarn Dec 30th (order placed on Dec 26th).  I have a scarf in mind for one skein and I think a a hat for the other two skeins. BTW… this photo of Cass modeling the yarn I bought would be great for yep its a real site- funny too… another funny cat site

On another note, H and I took a trip today on the bus, kinda a

first bus ride! (with my newly knitted hat)

first bus ride! (with my newly knitted hat)

practice run.  We went to downtown Seattle to shop some of the post-Christmas deals.  We brought knitting, but ended up playing our Nintendo DS’s (Animal Crossing– we’re addicted) the whole way there and back.  But the trip, it was surprisingly easy (we caught the 115 to the Ash way park and ride then the 511 all the way to 5th and Pike) – so I think I am ready for my first bus commute day on Friday. BF is at home visiting family still, and I have to go back to work on Friday. So, I’m going to try my hand at the bus.  It shouldn’t be too bad I catch my first bus at 6:30 and get to work by 7:12.  I leave the office at 4:20 and get home at 5:15.

On the East Coast and in the Midwest it is already 2009- I have two more hours to go… and go to bed I must 🙂 (it’s a new years tradition!).  I’ll let you know if I wake up early enough for my 6:30 bus to work.  Happy New Year!



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