12 days of Christmas

26 12 2008

If I was to script out the 12 days of Christmas Lemire style for Christmas 2008 I would begin with 12 inches of snow and wrap up with 2 canceled flights and 1leaping cat.

Make-shift fridge compliments of Mother Nature

Make-shift fridge compliments of Mother Nature

12 inches of snow: It keeps coming and coming! They predicted rain for Christmas day and today, but the snow kept falling. I think we got more like 16-18 inches total, but with some melting we currently are at 12 inches.

It’s good that we had the snow! The fridge quickly filled up with Christmas goodies and we ran out of space. The snow on the back deck provided a nice cool place to chill the wine, beer, water, and a bowl of Christmas dessert. 🙂

2 Canceled flights: Poor BF! The first canceled flight was on Sunday. He rescheduled for Wednesday (Christmas Eve), but as the snow kept coming and both

Cooking sausage rolls

San Francisco and Chicago were under ground delays his first flight was delayed multiple times and he decided to play it safe and reschedule for Friday.  So, I am glad I bought close to 4 lbs of roast beef for Christmas dinner, because BF joined us for Christmas.

We made the best out of the situation and actually had a lot of fun sharing Christmas traditions.  We had our traditional meat pie and Crab (usually lobster) stew on Christmas Eve before going to midnight Mass.  He made sausage rolls for Christmas breakfast (his family tradition) before opening gifts.  The weather wreaked havoc on BF’s travel plans, but we made the best of it.

Snapped with my cell phone a month or two ago

Snapped with my cell phone a month or two ago

1 Leaping Cat: Right before Christmas Eve dinner we witnessed my cat Cheese’s attempted suicide.  Cheese, who is very skiddish, has been spotted hanging out on the railing of the second floor landing. There have been near misses before, when she’s gotten spooked and almost leaped off the landing to the living room below.  Cheese is hard to see when on the landing and Mom didn’t see her when she rushed up the stairs.  I was standing below and as mom screamed as I saw Cheese leap off.  She landed on her feet but her feet slipped out and she hit her chin on the wood floor.  Cheese is amazingly OK. Her biggest injury is a broken canine tooth (she lost about 1/4 of the tooth) and a bruised chin and tongue.  She got a lot of special treatment and delicious food (crab stew, crab dip, shrimp, roast beef) and a little Valium.  The vet checked her out and his ok, made me feel better – not to mention my mom who felt aweful about the whole thing.  Hopefully we won’t see her hanging out on the ledge anymore.



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