Woot for Yarn? YAY!

23 12 2008

If you knit, drop what you are doing and go to http://www.dizzysheep.com. Why?  OK, so it’s not Woot… but it’s woot like!  I guess that statement spurs another question:

What is woot?

W00t or W00t is an internet derived expression of joy – like YAY! or Whooo Hoo! But more importantly Woot.com is a website (or two or three) where they have one deal a day, the original being on random stuff, mostly electronics, gadgets, vacuums, etc… fun stuff- always a little zany and crazy- and always a good markdowns. The deals are pretty good and the periodic Woot-off (12-48 hours of one deal after another as soon as one sells out another one pops up) as me hypnotized by the prospect of scoring the elusive a random bag of crap (you pay 1.99 per “crap” (limit 3) and you don’t know what you are going to get- could be a TV or a collection of David Haselhoff movies… you never know).

Sister sites Wine.Woot and Shirt.Woot have a similar deal a day theme. ShirtWoot is equally addictive- I know own no less than 10 ShirtWoot shirts.  Needless to say, I like this method of selling stuff… and it’s not just limited to Woot (although that is my fav) there are sites like www.steepandcheap.com for the outdoor enthusiast.

OK now on to the YARN! I have no idea how long this site has been in existence… but I love it!  As you can see in the image, each day they have a different yarn, or fiber, or knitting/crochet/spinning related  item for sale at a discounted price.  Today’s yarn was Classic Elite Inca Alpaca for $4.97 per skein.  They have standard $5 shipping per order- so you could potentially clean up with 10 balls at 4.97 (49.70) plus $5 shipping (54.70) when at yarn.com (with a  bulk discount) you would be paying $73.50.  hummmm let me think about this… 🙂  Obviously you don’t know what yarn is coming up each day- but that is part of the fun!



You can subscribe to the blog through RSS so you can quickly see what the daily yarn is…  I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser- for many reasons but also because I like the favorites toolbar which allows me easy viewing of the blogs I follow.



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