Winter Wonderland

22 12 2008

Wow! Snow has blanketed the NW… you would think with Seattle being around the same latitude as Maine and NH that we would be used to snow… but Puget Sound creates a very mild climate where if we see snow in a year, it melts within 24 hours. Most of the time in the winter our temperatures don’t dip below freezing.  For the last  7 days, out of the ordinary snow has blanketed us.  Keeping us mostly home-bound, or at the very least within our own community.  They don’t plow anything here, except the freeways and the main roads- even roads you would suspect would be considered main roads aren’t plowed. So there isn’t much to do except sit in front of the fire and enjoy the pretty snow. (and Knit!)

I finished two projects a sweater wearing teddy bear and socks for my mom. The socks were a bit embarrassing, I started them in August and finished the first one in September, then nothing… I just cast on the second one last week and finally finished it Saturday evening.

I also taught BF one of my family’s snowy traditions- Maple sugar candy or “Jacks Wax” is a traditon whenever we had light fluffy virgin snow!  It’s pretty basic- (see recipe link) but here is the gist of it- boil down maple syrup to a soft ball state- poor over a bowl filled with fresh fluffy snow- use a spoon or popsicle sticks to scoop up the hardening candy… yummy goodness!  When I was explaining it to him he kept calling it “yellow snow”… so I think we’ve given birth to a new tradition… yellow snow… oh my….

Flying in and out of the Pacific NW is a disaster this week. BF’s flight home was canceled- he’s rescheduled to fly on Christmas Eve but we aren’t sure if that will happen.  Dad is scheduled to fly in tomorrow night- I’ve got my fingers crossed. This storm has all the airlines messed up. Who knows who will be her for Christmas!

One last story… in my continuing car saga… all the repairs were completed early (last Thursday) The roads were bad so I wasn’t going to pick up the car that night. When the collision repair shop employee was putting my car in for the night she broke off the passenger door handle.. Owe!  Needless to say they fixed it for free… the car is all ready to go… but with the bad weather I’m not chancing it… might just stay at the shop a couple more days.



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